About Elaine Berk

My background includes traditional psychotherapy training from Temple University as well as thousands of hours of training and supervision in the fields of hypnotherapy, energy health & healing, and past life regression therapy. 

After working for many years in the upside down world (the world less spiritually focused and guided) -- I had a spiritual awakening and found myself called to do non-traditional work that is more essential in nature. 

As such, today I primarily focus my practice on Past Life Regression Therapy and Energy Health & Healing.


Traditional Psychotherapy Training

I earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology from Temple University in 1987, and worked as a psychotherapist -- inpatient, outpatient and in private practice --for a number of years.

As an educator, I taught introductory and developmental psychology courses at a local college. From 2006-2008, I returned to Temple University to earn my PhD, but I chose to leave due to personal and family health issues. I received ongoing trainings and certificates in the prevention, education and treatment of: child abuse and child sexual abuse; sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating abuse, illicit drugs and violence; trauma, bullying/cyber bullying and internet safety while working for the Network Of Victim Assistance.

Past Life Regression Training (PLRT) 

Like many things in life, I stumbled into past life regression therapy. You’ll find out more about why I was drawn to it in a minute. But first, I feel it’s important for you to be aware of the level of training I’ve received in this arena.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours training in past life regression therapy and continue receiving on-going guidance and supervision from some true pioneers in the field including:

  • Brian Weiss, MD
  • Morris Netherton, PhD  (The Netherton Method of Regression Therapy)
  • Carol Bowman, MS, CHt
  • Mary-Elizabeth Raines, CHt
  • Patricia Walsh (Roger Woolger's Deep Memory Process)

Most recently, In October 2015, I trained with Dr. Roger Woolger’s protégé Patricia Walsh on his Deep Memory Process. Dr. Woolger is a pioneer in Past Life Regression Therapy as is Dr. Morris Netherton.

Hypnotherapy Training

As a hypnotherapist, I trained with The Masters Center for Hypnotherapy (Yardley, PA) and Bucks County Community College (Newtown, PA). In addition, I have undertaken/received hypnotherapy training from Dr. Brian Weiss’ during his past life regression counselor training; and from Mary Elizabeth Raines at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training in Sedona as a Certified Past-Life Regression Counselor.

As such, I’m certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training.

Energy Health & Healing Training

Having trained extensively with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), I am an Energy Health & Healing practitioner and will soon receive my CEHP certification.

In summary

As you can see, I have a extensive training from which you can benefit. 

Because it is a passion of mine, I continue to pursue related knowledge and trainings. For me, it's all about making the greatest difference in, and bringing the most significant healing to, my clients’ lives.


In the early 90’s, I helped launch K’NEX Industries, a building construction toy for children of all ages. And in 1994, I founded the K’NEX Education Division which enables individuals from Kindergarten through university level to learn reading, math and the sciences in a hands-on manner. 

We all learn and process information in different ways and this allowed students who don’t learn in traditional ways to succeed and excel, and build self-esteem in the process.

After 9/11, I founded a non-profit to facilitate healing among youth who had suffered directly or indirectly from the events and aftermath. I also worked in the school system to help empower children of all ages and prevent them from becoming victims of sexual, emotional and physical abuse; internet predators, sexual assault, bullying and cyberbullying, and more.

Helping others has been a connecting thread throughout my career.

I circled back to practicing therapy after a series of life events caused me to do extensive soul searching and I discovered energy psychology.

I have always endeavored to make a difference in the world -- to do work that was altruistic in nature.

Why Did I Choose Past Life Regression Therapy as a Focus?

I believe there are many aspects of our existence that we do not even begin to comprehend.

Progress in Traditional Therapy Can Come Slowly

I received my Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Temple University in 1986.  I practiced for a number of years but I felt that something was missing. 

There were times I felt my clients were stuck in quicksand with their problems. They made progress but it was often slow, and in the end, incomplete -- perhaps resolving 90% of an issue with a residual 5-10% that just kept hanging on.  I, myself, had the same experience in traditional talk therapy.

I had also been on the other side of ‘the couch’ as well.  Like many, I had a number of childhood and teenage struggles that fortunately led me down a path of seeking – seeking answers, working through my fears, and seeking to grow and evolve.  So I’d spent a fair amount of time in counseling myself. Again, progress came, but slowly.

After years of working on myself through counseling and other ways, I felt as though I was shedding layers -- but there were so many!

I thought there must be a better way. No matter how hard I worked on them, certain issues and feelings never seemed to completely resolve. It was these residual kernels of not-quite-resolved issues that compelled me to search for answers. And it inevitably guided me to discover Energy Psychology and Past Life Regression work.  

 A Spiritual Process

I was not religious in any sense of the word, but I always felt spiritual, believing that there was a power greater than myself.  I had no personal relationship with that power at that time, but I believed there was more than this Earthly existence as Elaine. I was also a firm believer that most (if not all) things happened for a reason and there were lessons for me to learn from them – both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ -- though today I would not use those labels to describe any experiences.   

As I grew older and my belief system evolved, I came to believe in Karma in a less typical sense of the word.

I had struggles in this lifetime, as we all do. When my life hit a fairly significant bottom, a friend suggested I try a self-exploration and awareness program… ”Things really can’t get much worse can they?”

Turning Points

In 1980 I did a series of personal development workshops with “LifeSpring.” It turned my life and my thinking around, and at that point, I began a more spiritual journey.

It would take nearly two decades to manifest itself as the type of work I do today. In the interim, I read books, took trainings, practiced and taught psychology, changed careers and eventually came back to doing therapy.

There was also a 1991 comedy that had an impact on me. The movie “Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep features a funny take on reincarnation. In it, the characters die and go to a resort-like setting where they stand in a courtroom and defend certain choices they made in their lives. Based on their defense, they’re either sent onward or sent back to earth to learn more lessons.

Something about this movie resonated with me; and while the movie didn't entirely fit my beliefs, it did help me crystalize many of my own thoughts on reincarnation. 

This process was furthered during a trip to Bhutan--a lovely, primarily Buddhist country in the Himalayas--often referred to as the last Shangri-La.  While there, something inside me shifted dramatically.  I was so moved by the people of this country, who had little but were filled with love and peace that was so palpable, you could feel it in the air.  It was a feeling of spirituality and transcendence rather than religion, although it is a religious country.

All this coupled with the indescribable feeling of standing in a monastery built into the side of a mountain in the 7th century;  hiking their beautiful countryside surrounded by prayer flags, walking past dzongs, monks in prayer in their monasteries, and larger than life prayer wheels -- left me profoundly and spiritually changed...and on my path toward doing this work. 

Healing the Big Issues

Eventually I stumbled upon past life regression therapy when I discovered Brian Weiss and Michael Newton’s books -- and it was as though I had found an answer to those lifelong issues and feelings that I couldn’t quite gain freedom from. 

Traditional talk therapy has its place and works well when problems result from things that transpire on an ego or personality level that begin and end in this lifetime. Though often a slow process, we can adjust our thinking and our behavior to create change.

For deeper and more persistent issues--issues that reach beyond this lifetime--it doesn’t always work as well.

It's Not Magic...But!

Past Life Regression therapy resolves problems which cause serious karmic consequences for the evolution of the soul.  Problems that resulted from centuries of past life patterns that are so deeply embedded in our psychic history that they cause severe physical and emotional problems today.

The growth and evolution that has ensued as a result of my past life work – for myself, and for others, has been truly profound and transformative. 

I worked at these issues because I wanted more, I wanted to be more of who I am, I wanted to move on and heal from my past, I wanted to know why I am here, and I wanted a deeper spiritual connection. 

It is not magic, but it is magical. 

A Gift

The knowledge, understanding, experience and universal wisdom afforded by the past life regression therapy process, is a gift unlike any other.  I am immensely grateful to do this work, and bring it to others. 

Do you want to see if Past Life Regression Therapy is right for you? Contact me here.