“I would describe myself as open-minded, so when I had the chance to explore my past in a past life regression I became curious and energized. Elaine’s explanation of the process was fully relayed to me and all in all, I had a calm, relaxing and informative experience on my journey. Afterward, my time spent thinking about and discussing my journey was just as intriguing and thought provoking.

Even prior to this regression I have come to learn to “never say never” and to try to experience as much as you can, especially spiritually. This was a good experience for me.”

--- Rebecca P,  Cheltenham, PA


"I had reached the lowest point in my life when my sister suggested that I visit Elaine to be healed. She had had a session a week or so before and had had an experience that she could only call profound. I am and never was a person who sought out healers. Instead, I had an analyst for twenty years. I am naturally skeptical, and though I doubted very much that lying on a bed below crystal lights would benefit me, I was desperate enough to try it. Depressed and anxious as I was, I was at least able to open myself to the experience.

Elaine has such a gentleness of voice and soul, I just put myself in her hands. My experience surpassed all expectation. It was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. It returned me to my soul which had been lost to me for years, and it gave me answers I had sought over and over and never found. It pointed to a future I could not have conjured if I'd tried. And it opened the way for me to begin again. I cannot thank Elaine enough, nor could I more highly recommend her."

--Janice Deaner, New York, NY


…"Elaine helped me to get a lot of information about my past life and to really re-live it.  It felt like a complete experience and I could really understand the issues in that life and how they relate to my life now. After the session she was helpful in clarifying things for me. 

The life itself was pretty intense. I had to fight someone to the death and I didn’t want to. I was very emotional. Elaine encouraged me to go through it anyhow. I’m really glad I did, I can see how it helped.  I loved the life between lives portion, I have never felt so loved and so at peace.  It was beautiful.

I highly recommend doing this work with Elaine, she was awesome."

--- Dan V, Phoenix, AZ


"Elaine,  thank you for a wonderful session on the crystal bed!  I have noticed many changes since my session. Although there were several, my most important healing has been that of my chronic allergies and a tremendous improvement in my asthma. I hadn't realized how restricted my breathing had become until I had relief!  More than a week later and I'm still feeling great!  I am so grateful.  Once again, thank you and I will be seeing you again."

-Donna Fry, Doylestown, PA  


"My first experience lying under the crystal lights was profound.

One of the issues I most wanted to heal came to me immediately in the form imagery.  Elaine’s calming voice and her loving demeanor put me at such ease that these images came to me with such swiftness and such power that I was utterly taken by surprise. 

I had no idea what the experience would be like, but I felt the healing begin as soon as I lay under the crystal lights, and since that session, the healing has continued.  Other issues that had not occurred to me at the time are healing as well.

Elaine has a wonderful gift of voice and love, and the startling healing power of the crystal bed session has given me faith that issues I felt were entrenched for life can and are being healed.  I highly recommend a session with Elaine so that you may take a journey such as I did and feel the greatness and the power of healing."

 -- Sandra Peckham,  Buckingham, PA 

I want to thank you for my session on your crystal bed. I came to the session with an open heart and am so happy I did! I received a healing--my cough, which had lasted several years stopped. That cough was my main complaint when I would see the doctor for the past two years and I had even been to a pulmonary specialist--nothing worked for me, until this.  Thank you, my session with you has had such a positive effect on me.

--Jane Moreland, Doylestown, PA