Past Life Regression: The Key to Unlocking Our Inner Mysteries

As philosopher George Santayana said, “If we really want to know who we are, we best learn who we have been.”

Journeying back to previous lifetimes allows us to uncover feelings and beliefs that we unknowingly carry forward into our present-day lives. This conscious awareness not only enables us to understand and resolve current day problems with past life origins--but it also allows us to discover talents and gifts we possessed in other lives, which may lay dormant in our current life. Past life regression can be insightful and transformative.

As we recall our past, we free ourselves from its power and bondage in our current life, and future lives. 

The following ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ answer a lot of questions I field as a PLR therapist.

How can I best choose a Past Life Regression Therapist?

If you are looking for a healing and therapeutic experience, I suggest you seek a trained psychotherapist who also has very specific training in past life regression therapy. There are many lay people who are trained in 2-5 days to conduct past life regressions who are not therapists, and often not well trained. There are also hypnotherapists who are only lightly trained in regression work. I would not recommend going this route.

Here’s why:

Without therapeutic training, they may have difficulty identifying and working with an abreaction, as well as interpreting and understanding the complexity of issues in this life and interwoven between lives. Abreactionslink to blog are highly emotional, occasionally volatile expressions which occur frequently in PLRT.  Allowing for these extremely deep emotional responses is cathartic, and a valuable part of the PLRT process -- but best done with a therapist trained to work with them.

Do you tell me about my past life?

No. I am not a psychic; I’m a psychotherapist. I act as a guide to help you: access the memories stored in your subconscious, draw connections between the past and the present, and understand and process that information (for healing purposes), and come to resolution with these issues.

This is an active dynamic process with the intent of expanding your awareness, creating healing, and helping you to evolve.

Is it better to visit a psychic to find out about my past lives?

It is often very interesting and fun to hear information about a past life from a psychic. However, that information is passed along to you – it may be an actual past life or it may not be. You have no way of really knowing.

Either way, it is unlikely that this can generate true healing around an issue. In addition, a psychic may bring to light a lifetime related to a particular issue of yours, but the actual cause of that issue may in fact be rooted in a different life or in multiple lives.  

The real benefit from doing a past life regression is that you actually access that information yourself and experience the past life first hand--you are not told about it as if it's a story. This first-hand experience is often undeniably real and not written off to fantasy or imagination. And it is through this process that one can experience healing, peace and resolution.

During a past life regression therapy session, you can move from lifetime to lifetime in an instant and as a trained psychotherapist who’s incorporated past life therapy into my practice, I act as a guide to help you access those lives and make the connections to your current life.

Can Past Life Regression Therapy be done remotely?

While some conduct regressions using Skype or other remote methods, I do not. I only work with my clients in person.

Past life regression therapy is most often sensitive and can be highly emotional in nature. As such, being physically present with a client allows me to be more supportive, and to pick up on emotional reactions, subtle shifts and nuances that cannot possibly be done remotely. In addition, if a client has a highly emotional reaction (abreaction/link), being there with the client can provide a sense of comfort and assurance, and make a difference in the healing and processing that is done during and immediately after the regression.

I cannot recommend doing past life work remotely. 

What are your thoughts about group Past Life Regressions at workshops or events?

Many people in a group regression will not be successful in accessing a past life. This is not at all unusual and actually has no bearing on a person’s ability to access a past life in an individual regression session. So if you do a group event and don’t ‘get anything’, don’t worry!

Often times those fortunate enough to have a past life memory surface during a group session get only a glimmer, snapshot or fragment of a life. They often have no real knowledge or understanding about that life, its context, challenges or lessons. It will certainly be interesting and may even be fun, but it is highly unlikely that it will be beneficial or therapeutic beyond that.

Is it necessary to see a therapist in order to discover a past life?

Past life memories can arise while doing anything. You may discover a past life during a meditation, while dreaming, or have a ‘knowing’ when you visit a place which is familiar but where you have never been in this lifetime.

There are psychics who may be able to tell you about past lives, or those who read Akashic Records…but these are not therapies. The purpose and intent is entirely different. If you are seeking to heal from a recurring difficulty in this life, actually experiencing your past can hold the key.

The Akashic Records is a database of every word, thought or action which is energetically encoded and stored in a non-physical plane. This information is updated moment to moment, and is said to contain every detail about the origin and journey of every Soul in the universe. 

Knowing about a past life is entirely different than experiencing one! Consider the difference between watching a movie, and actually being a character in that movie with all it's knowledge, experiences and actual emotions! 

For example, watching a story unfold about a father who loses his son in a car accident may be very emotional. But it cannot compare with how profoundly emotional it would be to be that father who actually loses his son.  

How long will the past life regression session take?

If you are working with me, and you are not a current therapy client, the session runs between 3-4 hours. For existing clients, sessions usually run between 2-3 hours. However, if I am working with someone, I will not end the session prematurely regardless of the time. So it is possible on rare occasion that a session will run even longer. 

Helpful hint:

Because of this, it is helpful to eat prior to the session so as not to be hungry during the session. A growling stomach during the session can be distracting.

To find out more about what we do during a session, click here. 


What do we actually do in a session?

For an abbreviated description of all a session entails, click here.

For a more in-depth description of a Past Life Regression Therapy experience, click here.

Will I remember what happens in my Past Life Regression?

Yes, you will.

Clients do recall everything that occurs during the session and, in fact, are given a post hypnotic suggestion to remember everything clearly.  Imagine if you were guided to recall something you had forgotten from your childhood, say a birthday party.  If the memories were retrieved about the party, you would remember them as you would any other memory.  Past Life memories are not different.

I do take copious notes during your past life regression and, if requested, I will record the session. For those who request a recording, I am happy to share this with you.  I have found very few people who actually listen to the recordings since they are left with such clear memories.


How many sessions do I need?

Frankly, it depends on your goals.

If you are interested in past-life work out of curiosity and a desire to explore, or you have a specific issue you wish to address, you may find a single session meets your needs. 

If your goal is to work through and completely resolve a particular issue, or an especially complex issue, I generally recommend 3-4 sessions. It may also be helpful to revisit a specific lifetime to gather more information which may help illuminate the lessons and learning from that lifetime.

As an aside, rarely is a significant life issue evidenced in only one lifetime. Most often these larger issues can be found threaded through multiple lifetimes.

For example, I worked with a client who felt in her current life that ‘she just didn’t belong anywhere.’  Given that she moved continually over the course of this lifetime -- from place to place, town to town, house to house -- she seemed to be manifesting this belief.  In her first past life regression she discovered a life in which she had been kidnapped as a young child and was given to another family to raise. This seemed to explain her persistent feeling of ‘not belonging anywhere’ which she brought into and manifested in this life.

Further past life regression work revealed another lifetime in which her parents died, and a group of nomads took her in and she lived a nomadic life from a very young age. Obviously, this feeling of ‘not belonging anywhere’ was evident in this second past life as well. Chances are, she has others’ lives in which this was an issue.

For some, once they experience a past life regression, they are so intrigued, and find it so helpful and healing that they continue to do regressions.

This is actually how I became interested in becoming a past life regression therapist. It is a way to work on oneself, and to continue to evolve, learn and grow. Like me, a number of clients return to resolve different or troubling issues in a current lifetime and to deepen their self-exploration and evolution -- though that’s entirely up to you.



How do I prepare for the session?

There is little to nothing to do prior to the session. It will be beneficial if you give some thought to any issue(s) you would like to address in the regression.  I also recommend you review the information on this web site. In particular please review the What to Expect page.

Is there anything helpful to do after the Past Life Regression experience?

Even though I take notes, and may provide you an audio version, and even though you will remember everything from the past life -- I recommend you take the time, soon after, to write down everything you can remember about the session, all the finite details. 

This may be helpful in a few ways.  

For me, it triggers additional memories and enables me to fill in many blanks from the past life experience.  In addition, it helps me to process and work through my thoughts and feelings about the life, and the life lessons, and seems to facilitate additional understanding, growth and change.

My clients who took the time to write about it, report tremendous benefit. But again, this is a personal choice.


Do you have recommendations on books to read?

Books will not make you any more ready for a past life experience, nor will they make you any more (or less) likely to have a past life experience.

In some ways, books may affect your experience, particularly those books that discuss life between lives. Reading this information may color or influence your experience as you transition from your body after death in a particular lifetime.

With that said, there are many wonderful books to read related to this field. I highly recommend those written by the pioneers and researchers in the field, such as Dr. Roger Woolger, Dr. Morris Netherton, Henry Bolduc, as well as more current writers including Dr. Brian Weiss. The information is really fascinating, lends credence to reincarnation, and the research that has been done by Dr. Ian Stevenson and Carol Bowman is truly compelling!

What kind of training and background do I have?

I am a psychotherapist, educator, certified hypnotherapist, energy psychology practitioner, and certified past life regression counselor. 

After working for many years in the upside down world (the world less spiritually focused & guided) -- I had a spiritual awakening and found myself called to do work more spiritual and essential in nature. Today I primarily focus my practice on two of my passions -- Past Life Regression Therapy and Energy Psychology.

Find out more About Elaine here.

Is this past life real or is it my imagination?

Once you have a past life regression experience, you will see that it feels quite real and is hard to write off as being a figment of your imagination. The experience tends to be so realistic and often so profound and/or profoundly ‘different’ -- that few doubt it is a very real past life.  

I often remind those with doubts, that if it is one’s imagination and the life they come up with is a metaphor for issues which facilitates healing, then the goal has been accomplished anyhow, and it doesn’t matter if it is authentic or not. 

Additionally, I believe, as do experts in the field, that if an individual feels very real emotion during the regression, then it is most likely a past life experience. And lastly I would point out that most past lives recalled are quite mundane in nature – if someone were going to imagine a past life, wouldn’t they make it spectacular, or extraordinary?

The best approach during a past life experience is to focus on the images, sensations, knowing and feelings you experience, report what you see as I ask you questions during the experience, and do not worry about whether it makes sense or is ‘real’ or not. Just allow the information to come, and trust whatever comes up at the time. There is plenty of time afterward to make sense of it.

Will I discover that I was someone famous?

Not likely. While the information and healing that may come from a past life can be quite profound, the truth is that most people actual experience pretty mundane lives.

Just as in our lives today, there are few Ghandi’s, Mother Teresa’s, Einstein’s, Hitler’s, Queens, Presidents, and so on. So it is not likely that you will experience a life identified in a history book.

Will I experience a Past Life as a member of the opposite sex?

It is very possible. It would depend which life/lives are brought forward into your consciousness during the session. In my experience, everyone has had lifetimes in which they were both male and female.

What is the likelihood that I will ‘know’ someone in a past life?

In my experience, a number of people report ‘knowing’ an individual from their past life in their current-day life.

 Mind you, they do not ‘look’ the same, and are often a different gender and in a different type of relationship with the person. This knowledge and understanding is brought to light in the life between lives when we are doing the life review and processing the past life.

A ‘Known’ Person

This ‘known’ person(s) may be in the same type of relationship, for example this person may be your father in the past life recalled, and your father in your current existence.

However, it is just as likely that a ‘known’ person maybe a different sex and in a completely different relationship with you.

For example, your father in your current life, may be your child, sibling, wife, friend, or boss in a past life. Sometimes a ‘known’ relationship is not apparent immediately but becomes clear in the time to come after the regression session. And of course, for some, no ‘known’ relationships comes to light. That is ‘normal’ too.

If a relationship is ‘known’ – it is important to understand that the significance lies in the patterns, feelings and dynamics of that relationship, and not the actual identity of a person.
In my belief these ‘known’ relationships happen because we tend to incarnate most often with a group of souls.  Together as souls, we help each other to learn our lessons and to continue to grow and evolve.  In that way a loving member of your soul group may actually be someone who has caused you great difficulty or pain in your current life. They did this to help you learn or grow in some way.

Sometimes those in our soul group incarnate only to help you evolve. For example, a soul might come into your life for only a short period as a young child who dies early on. While this may sound harsh, the soul does so in order to help you to learn something from that experience.

What is the Life Between Lives and a Life Review?

The Life You Visit

In a past life regression session you re-visit a past life that is having a significant impact on your current life. You become aware of yourself in that life, as male or female, age, personality, family, date, geographic location, and other aspects of that time and place that was once very familiar to you.

You proceed through the life, remembering and experiencing various significant events. At the conclusion of your past life regression, you will move through your death in that life, and leave that physical body.


Leaving the Physical Body

Having left that physical body, you may notice a shift in consciousness. Interestingly, you may find you have a bigger perspective, and often a shift in perspective, with regard to that life. You may be able to discern the lessons that were yours to learn in that life, and you also sense the connection and impact that life is having on your present day life.

Untethered by a physical body and by time, you may experience yourself as your soul—with awareness, understanding and wisdom far beyond your earthly existence. This is referred to as the ‘life between lives’.


The Life Review

At this time you have the opportunity to do a conscious review of the past life you just experienced. You may notice you have a much deeper understanding of your life and be able to recognize and release patterns or behaviors that you may be repeating in your present life.

The life review also affords you the opportunity to free yourself from issues that may have bound you to that life by forgiving and asking for forgiveness; this allows relationships to heal as well. You will also have the chance to find loved ones, guides and teachers in the spirit world where you can acquire wisdom, peace and healing.

And finally we do release and healing work on these unresolved issues from this past life.


A Continuous Cycle

World-renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet, Sogyal Rinpoche and author of the highly acclaimed The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying states “Tibetan Buddhism has left us the still revolutionary insight that birth and death are both in the mind, and nowhere else.”

Whether you are in a body or out of a body, the mind (soul) connection is continuous – a profound continuous cycle.

Each of my past life regression therapy experiences includes a life review to help you process the information.

Find out more here.

Can I get stuck in a past life?

No, it is not possible to get stuck in a past life any more than it is possible to remember your childhood and get stuck in that.

What you will experience is often very vivid and will seem very real, as if you are experiencing it in the moment…yet you are still sitting in a therapy chair in this time and place.

As such, be prepared for some strong feelings and possibly physical reactions. Something akin to watching a powerful engrossing movie but notched up a bit – as if you are a character in the movie rather than someone watching. These are all part of your story.

You are safe.

Your rational ego self will be present throughout the entire session as a witness. At any point in time you chose, you can open your eyes and you will be in your current life sitting in a therapy chair. However, in order to accomplish your goal, it would be best to remain in the experience and let your ego or conscious mind, take a backseat.

Because we work together as a team uncovering the story and elements in your past lives, I check in with you to make sure you are okay continuing through any difficult or highly emotional or physical experiences. If you do not wish to go through the experience, I remind you that these are memories and you can observe them as if you were watching a movie or actors on a set.

However, whenever possible, I strongly suggest you re-live the events rather than ‘watch them or rise above them.’ The healing outcomes from going through the experiences are far more powerful. Often if you choose to watch or rise above a life event, the degree of healing is less internalized and complete.

Can everyone experience a PLR?

Everyone ‘can’ experience a past life regression, but not everyone will.

It has more to do with your soul’s readiness, our rapport, your openness and willingness to change, as well as forces unknown or unforeseen on that particular day.  Every session is different.

So if a person does not have success accessing past life information, this is not a function of natural inability. It is more a result of ‘shut off commands’ recorded in their subconscious that prevents this because it is not the right time for a person to do this work.

Bottom line, it is only a function of the right timing to access past life information. Often times a client may have to do more conventional therapy or self work first, and then the past life information is easily accessed. Lastly, there could be religious or other reasons or belief’s why an individual is prevented or cannot access this information.

Still other times, an individual may believe that no information is forthcoming in the past life regression session but in fact they are not using all six of their senses.

And still for some, it is just a matter of practice.

We have six senses (maybe more), and in past life regression we need to use them all.  

Relaxing our mind, being open, and attuning ourselves to information coming from all the senses – our visual (sight), olfactory (smell), gustation (taste), auditory (sound), kinesthetic (feel), and intuitive (knowing) – can actually take practice!  It’s like a muscle – work it out and it becomes easier to do.

What if I don’t experience anything?

Most people wonder if a past life regression will work for them.

Past life memories are not guaranteed. But with that said, most of the time clients will be successful in accessing past life material!

Sometimes, like with so many other things in life, there is a learning curve involved. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

One obstacle to a successful past life regression is the inability to relax and to set your thinking self--your ego or rational critical mind--aside.  This is actually imperative to being successful in the process.

This is because regression is not about rational thought or intellect!  It is about a spiritual memory -- and that is something that can only be tapped into with a sense of trust, openness, and calmness.

Two of my instructors, Brian Weiss, MD and Mary Elizabeth Raines, CHt, did not have their first past life regression for months. It took them both persistence and practice to become successful!

Setting aside our conscious mind, and allowing ourselves to be open and trusting is a practice that takes time to learn.

If you are committed to the process, it will happen eventually.

What else can I do to help the process along?

The past life experience utilizes imagination. One technique for handling “getting nothing” is to start making it up. This will comfort the conscious mind and assist you in getting past blocks.

Once you ‘start’ making it up, you conscious mind may relax a bit and be more willing to allow past life information to seep through.

It is amazing how many times people jump-start the process using their imagination and end up with very realistic undeniable past life experiences.

For example, during one of my trainings, there was a person who had been trying to access past life information for a long time but who had been unsuccessful. The woman in her current lifetime had a phobia about swimming in deep water and drowning.

My instructor, Mary Elizabeth Raines, suggested she use her imagination as to why she might be afraid of drowning. The woman began to make up a story about being in the open seas on a pirate ship and having to walk the plank.

Then all of a sudden, things changed. She said ‘no, it’s not a pirate ship at all. I’m in a small rowboat with two old men. I’m a young child and they are drunk and they are rocking the boat and teasing me. I am very scared and crying but they won’t stop. They are rocking harder and harder; I fell out and drowned. 

In this way, she opened the doors using her imagination, and the actual past life information came through.

What if the experience is too much for me?

The subconscious mind (soul’s) primary objective is to protect you from harm, so it is highly unlikely you will experience something you cannot handle. However, this does not mean that you will avoid unpleasant or challenging experiences; and an event may ‘seem’ like more than you ‘think’ you can handle.

Your subconscious knows you can handle more than you think you can. So even when it feels difficult, know that you are in fact okay because the lifetime you are re-living is actually a thing of the past, not the present.

Actually re-living the feelings and challenges in the past life offers tremendous benefit in your current life and your future lives.

Whenever possible, I would encourage anyone faced with challenges in their past life to re-live it and see it through. Again, this is a dynamic process. I am continually checking in with you to insure that you are okay and that the experience serves your highest good. If you tell me it is too much, I can guide you to rise above the experience and watch it as though it is happening to someone else.

With all of that said, you can open your eyes at any time and be done with the past life regression because you are always in complete control of the experience.

If I don’t ‘see’ anything, how will I have a past life regression or know that I am having a past life regression experience?

Many people expect that they’re going to see their past-life vividly and in great detail like they’re watching a movie. This can happen but despite what you may hear, it isn’t usually the case, especially during a first regression.

Although some clients find they "see" things in their mind’s eye quite clearly, others may find visual impressions vague or they may see snippets or fragments coming in clearly but in between these fragments there is little visual information. Still others ‘see’ absolutely nothing.

Information can come without seeing.

It is essential to understand that information comes through by way of one, all or some combination of your six (yes, six) senses.

Beyond sight, information is gleaned from physical sensations (like feeling hot or cold; pressure, etc), and hearing (what people are saying around you or calling you by name, environmental sounds, music, or you just hear information in your mind about your life).

For example, if you hear a song from your childhood, it might elicit memories and feelings from that time period that you don’t ‘see’ but instead ‘know’. All of your senses work in the same way during a past life memory.

Other sensory experiences like:

  • smelling can also produce intense memories (outdoor, cooking or other smells that tell you where you are or what you’re doing);
  • tasting (you may have a bitter or sweet taste in your mouth that gives you information about your life),
  • and of course your intuitive knowing (where you just suddenly ‘know’ something about yourself or your life).

I work with clients to first determine which of their senses are strongest and most useful (in a pre-session activity), and then I use this knowledge to support and enhance their ability to obtain information in the regression experience.

The best approach is to focus on the images, sensations, knowing and feelings you experience -- don’t worry about whether it makes sense or is "real" or not, and trust whatever comes up at the time. 

What is the biggest problem that can interfere with a past life regression?

If you allow your conscious analytical mind to re-enter a session while you are in the midst of a past life regression, it will limit the flow of past life information, and may curtail the information coming in the session altogether.

The rational conscious mind closes the door on past life information.

The key is to just report any and all information that comes up. Once you start judging, analyzing, processing, or just trying to make sense of the past life information, you halt the process. All the information from the past life will be available to you after the session, and you will remember it and likely have an audio recording of it. You have a lifetime to come back to the information, and analyze it and process the heck out of it. You don’t need to do it during the session. The trick is to suspend your analytic mind and just narrate and report the information as it comes. Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or is "real" or not, and trust whatever comes up at the time. Being open and allowing your mind, body and spirit to work together is the key.

What else might keep me from experiencing a past life regression?

 For some, it is not a matter of openness but of readiness. Instead of a past life, a memory from early childhood that seems pertinent to the issue of concern comes up, or we find that current life situations or anxieties intervene and need to be worked on first.

For others, they may be convinced they had a lifetime as say Cleopatra, and they are so locked into that, it blocks anything from coming up. Remember, your subconscious (soul) decides what is in your highest interest to know at a given point in time. You may not be ready to learn about particular lives yet, or you may need to do work in this life before you are ready to access information about past lives.

 While it is helpful to look for lives related to a specific issue you would like to explore, in the end, it is left up to your inner guidance (soul) to bring up a memory.

Can Past Life Regression Therapy heal physical issues too?

Regression therapy involves going back to the root cause of a problem that is usually stored deep within our subconscious mind. You may find that the root cause lies in your current life or a past life. 

This would be even more likely if there is no known organic cause for the physical issues you are having in this lifetime. 

A migraine, chronic lower back pain, knee problem or asthma, among other issues, may be telling a story from a previous life accident or trauma. These traumatic memories are re-created in our current life often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful healthy lives.

Could I have a past life experience as an animal, prehistoric man, from another planet or galaxies, or other ‘entities’?

I personally have not experienced that though I know other PL Therapists do report that on occasion.

Because of the nature of the work I do, and the healing and understanding sought, I concentrate on this Earthly existence. When I am guiding a person to recall a past life, I specifically mention recalling a past life in human form, on planet Earth.

Can I end a session at any time?

Yes. You are always in control. And it is a continual dialogue between us throughout the session. I continually check in with you to ask what is in your highest interest.

At any point in the process, if you wish to end the session, you can just say so, or open your eyes. It is that simple and that safe.

What if I have to go to the bathroom during the regression?

As we go through the different phases of the session--from the intake to the sensory and practice exercises to just before the actual past life regression-- I will ask you to use the bathroom. Bear with me.

In that way, we can insure the likelihood of your bladder being empty when we get to  the actual regression.

That being said, if you do have to use the bathroom in the midst of the actual past life regression, I would ask you to let me know. Then you would silently get up to use the restroom, come back, and I will gently guide you back into the past life regression. While less than ideal, it is doable.

Does meditation help?

People who have a regular meditation (yoga or relaxation practice) generally access a past-life regression experience more easily. Perhaps that is because they are practiced at relaxing their ‘thinking’ mind – which is the key to past life regression work.  

And of course, meditation, yoga and relaxation are all skills that can be learned with ongoing practice. This is true also for past life experiences. The more you practice, the easier it is to access past life memories and the more detailed your experiences will be.

That being said, it’s not necessary. Many people who have never meditated or practiced yoga are very successful at bringing detailed past life information to light quickly and easily.

The only way to know how it works for you is to give it a try.

What is HemiSync™ technology and why do you use it?

Hemi-Sync™ is a unique (trademarked/patented) audio process that works by generating complex, multi-layered audio signals, which act together to create a specific resonance.

When you listen through stereo headphones or speakers, your brain responds to the different sounds in your left and right ear, by producing a third sound (called a binaural beat) that encourages the brainwave activity associated with expanded states of consciousness.

The result is a focused, whole-brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, or Hemi-Sync®, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence.

When conducting past life regressions, I sometimes use HemiSync™ technology to support the process. It is not in any way necessary to do Past Life Regression work but it is a tool that can help reduce stress and enhance relaxation. It also has the benefit of enhancing awareness, increasing concentration, and focusing attention.

When it comes to past life regression therapy, it can prime the pump if you will.

Will I be hypnotized?

I am a certified hypnotherapist and may use hypnosis to help you access your past life memories. I also have been trained in the Netherton Method and use affect bridges which can serve as emotional connections among and between your lives. For some I will use guided relaxation, and for some I will also use Hemisync™ technology which helps with expanded consciousness.

I will determine how we can best work together once we meet and discuss your background and the issues you would like to work on.

Other factors affecting this determination include your experience with past life regression work. If this is your first experience, I would be more likely to use a hypnotherapy method, or a deeply meditative guided relaxation to help you relax into a mild trance.


About Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Past-life memories may be explored through the use of hypnotic regression, which means you are put into a "hypnotic" or highly relaxed state, and then "regressed" (moved backward) to an earlier time.

What is required to enter a hypnotic state is a willingness to trust your subconscious and allow whatever feelings, sensations, images, impressions or experiences you want to emerge.

If you have never undergone hypnosis before, you may have a number of misunderstandings about what it is and how it works. Quite simply, it is a way of entering a very relaxed state whereby your memory is enhanced and the limits and constraints of the logical, conscious mind can be bypassed.

In this state it is easier to call up images and symbols, just like we do when we’re dreaming. In hypnosis, however, you are not "asleep." Other than being very relaxed, you remain aware and conscious of what is going on around you, while also being able to focus on inner images and feelings more completely.

For those who meditate, it feels familiar to a meditative state. You do not "give up control" to the therapist, in fact you give feedback and remain in control of the session at all times.

And although a hypnotherapist can give you positive suggestions to help you in your normal conscious life, (for example, when hypnosis is used to stop smoking, or lose weight) -- no one can "program" you to do anything that goes against your desires or beliefs. Those Las Vegas hypnotists who have people acting like chickens on stage are using volunteers who have a major streak of exhibitionism in them – even if they’re not aware of it.

Are sessions confidential?

I do not reveal the names of my clients, and all sessions are confidential unless my client requests in writing that I discuss a session with a third party. 

What is the Life Between Lives?

At the conclusion of your past life regression, you will move through your death in that life, and leave that physical body. Untethered by a physical body and by time, you may experience yourself as your soul—with awareness, understanding and wisdom far beyond your earthly existence.

How to make an appointment?

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Are all problems helped by past life therapy?

No. Not all problems have their origin in the past (life or lives). To evolve and grow, there is work to be done in our current existence.

Many people have done enough work on him/herself or have extensive self-awareness and understanding that they can live this life in a healthy fulfilling manner. For them it is not necessary to delve into the past to feel successful and evolve in this current lifetime.

Discovering our past lives isn’t always essential to living better lives in the present.

And of course for some who are on a quest to continue to evolve and grow as much as possible in their current existence, past life regression therapy enables an individual to understand issues from a higher perspective and evolve beyond them.

Are all past life regressions negative in nature?

We have all had wonderful lives and challenging and difficult lives. Those untroubled and without real issues in their current life will likely find pleasant and relatively uneventful or ‘happy’ past lives. 

In addition, when doing past life therapy to discover latent gifts and talents, or to discover strengths and accomplishments the nature of the lives we access for that information may be different.

However, the goal of past life regression therapy is to evolve and grow, and that generally takes place in the course of learning lessons and overcoming obstacles and challenges.

After all, we are speaking about our soul in human experiences and that is how we human beings seem to learn best.

What is reincarnation and why do we reincarnate?

Reincarnation, the belief that an individual dies and is later reborn into another body, has existed for more than 3,000 years.  

In my personal ideology, I think we reincarnate because we each have many lessons to learn-- lessons about love, compassion, charity, nonviolence, inner peace, patience, and so on.

It would be virtually impossible to learn all we need to in one lifetime. And because we are not perfect, it often takes multiple lifetimes to learn each of the bigger lessons, so we can continue the process of evolving and growing.

Sometimes we incarnate not as much to learn our own lessons as to come back voluntarily to help others learn theirs.

Do all souls reincarnate?

Again, my personal belief is that you continue to incarnate until your learning is complete. Highly evolved souls do not have to come back as often, or do not come back unless they choose to reincarnate to help others as guides and teachers.

What is the relationship between destiny and free will?

I believe that destiny and choice both exist and keep interacting with each other.  As you make a choice it changes the future. Maybe the possibilities and probabilities change to an extent as you do that. 

We learn because of free choice, but we also have destiny.

I liken the concepts of free choice and destiny to the GPS on a vehicle. Before we drive away, we plug in our destination. How we get there, the course, our destiny, is pre-set when we get in to the vehicle to drive.

As we proceed on our journey, we may choose to make turns and take other roads (actions or decisions) which deviate from our pre-set course (destiny).

In my mind, that is our free-will. And each time we do this, the voice on the GPS says “re-routing” to get you back on course—back to our destiny or purpose in this lifetime.


What is the relationship between dreams and past life memories?

Dreams and past life memories may have no relationship at all, but I have found that dreams sometimes contain fragments of past life memories.  In my mind, both dreams and past life memories are filled with metaphors and symbols; as such, past life regression memories can and often do trigger dream experiences. I would also add that recurring dreams and nightmares often have a relationship with a past life.

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Is regression therapy different from past life regression therapy?

Regression therapy (often referred to as Regression to Cause) is the increased access to past memories, thoughts, beliefs and feelings as part of a psychotherapeutic process.  Regression therapy (outside the past life context) is the increased access to childhood memories, or memories from an earlier time in our current lives. The process is quite similar, though in past life regression you are accessing memories from past lives; the intent of both therapies is the same -- healing from the impact of prior experiences that are affecting us in our lives today.