About Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology (EP) is rooted in Eastern medicine and mind-body healing traditions that stretch back 5,000 years!

Energy psychology is a group of practices that balance, restore, and enhance human functioning. It does this by stimulating energy systems while at the same time focusing on cognitive processes and associated emotional feelings.

Energy Psychology has found that if "you can shift these energies, 
you can shift your health, emotions and state of mind!"

Just as we have a physical anatomy—we also have an energetic anatomy—consisting of the acupuncture meridian system, the chakra energy centers, and the energetic fields that surround the human body called the biofield.

These energy systems are the (invisible) foundation for the health of your body. There is a constant dynamic interaction between your physical body, your moods and your thoughts.

Energy psychology is focused, goal-oriented and active. And Energy Psychology practitioners simultaneously activate emotion, cognition, the physical body and energy systems (meridians, chakras and biofield) to create change in one’s perception and experience.

This powerful combination facilitates rapid positive change and is aligned with the latest findings from neuroscience.

Energy Psychology can help you:

• Enhance performance
• Have more of something you want in your life
• Make a choice or decision from your true (soul) self
• Shift your perspective and feelings on an issue
• Resolve an issue that has been troubling you
• Reduce fear, anxiety or depression

Energy Psychology practices are a fast, powerful way to effect change.  In contrast to traditional therapy it can produce results in just one or two sessions!  

Be the change!

Energy Psychology is a tremendous alternative to hypnotherapy, as it is an active rather than passive process, which you can learn to do on your own!

About An Energy Psychology Session

Energy Psychology practices can help you enhance performance, have more of what you want in your life, shift your perspective and feelings on an issue, reduce fear, anxiety or depression, and more—remarkably quickly.

In our sessions, we’ll discuss the issue(s) you wish to address, and clear and balance your energy field. Using kinesiology (muscle testing), we’ll identify which of your energy systems will be most effective at creating change; and we’ll begin treatment using your meridian, chakra or biofield energy systems.

At the end of our time together, we’ll lock in any shifts that occurred, and give you tools to continue to work on this issue on your own.

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