Are Your Issues Rooted In A Past Life?

Here’s a Clue Your Issues Are Rooted in a Past Life

There are behaviors, thoughts and feelings that you keep repeating…or that feel ‘bigger’ than this life…or you have issues that you have continually and diligently worked on in therapy (or in other ways) in this lifetime that you have been unable to resolve…

Chances are these issues originated in prior lifetimes and you are reliving them in this lifetime.

Your task is to be aware and understand what you are dealing with from past lives and in your current life -- and rise to the challenge to work on and resolve these issues rather than carry them forward into yet another lifetime!

Larger Than This Life Issues

As a trained psychotherapist and past life therapist, I continually see clients struggling with issues which have gone unresolved over the course of many lifetimes.

The issues are often the ‘big’ issues people bring to their mental health professional...
  • a sense of abandonment
  • not fitting in or belonging
  • lack of self-esteem/self-worth
  • inability to trust
  • relationship issues
  • among others...
And pervasive or overwhelming beliefs and feelings, such as feeling...
  • like a failure
  • guilty
  • like I don’t matter
  • no one understands me
  • deserving of punishment or bad things happening
  • like I have to do it all alone
  • trapped
  • hopeless
  • life is too painful
  • life is too difficult
  • life isn’t safe
  • and the list goes on...
When these issues feel larger than this life, they usually are!