The Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

The benefits of past life regression therapy (PLRT) are numerous and often transformative. PLRT can heal deeper and get results much more quickly than many other therapeutic approaches.

Here are just a few of the advantages you can realize:

  • Clear emotional stress, trauma and physical issues
  • Calm feelings of anxiety and/or depression
  • Heal troubled relationships
  • Understand and change behaviors, patterns and tendencies
  • Uncover dormant past life gifts and talents and actualize those in this life
  • Reveal past life souls you know from this life
  • Mentally, emotionally and spiritually unify past life experiences with your soul’s life lessons
  • Reconnect with your Spiritual Center
  • Receive spiritual guidance and direction
  • Experience universal wisdom and peace not always available to us in our Earthly bodies.

"If you want to know the past, look at your present.
If you want to know the future, look at your present."

...Gautama Buddha

The Goal and the Process

Everything you’ve seen, felt and experienced in this life…as well as all the memories of your previous existences are housed in your subconscious…and then brought to light in your current consciousness during this process.

Even if You’ve Forgotten, Your Body Remembers

One of my past life therapy clients was a 68 year old man suffering with chronic pain in his left leg. This pain in his leg had been troubling him for years.

In our work together, he visited a past life in which he was a German soldier injured during the Franco-Prussian war. In an attempt to save his life, they cut off his leg, but he died shortly afterward in excruciating pain. That experience imprinted itself on his unconscious and manifested itself as a troubling pain in his leg in his current life. There was no organic origin for the pain in this lifetime.

That leg pain began mysteriously in his late 20’s. During his regression therapy session, he realized he was about the same age when injured in his past life. This often happens. An issue carried forward from a past life may not surface until the age of impact in the past life.

With that past life memory in his consciousness, he was able to recognize that the pain and the event were in the past and had nothing to do with his current life.

Almost miraculously, the pain that had bothered him most of his adult life was 90% gone. There is a good likelihood that there is another lifetime in which his leg was injured. If he continued to do PLRT work, and uncovered that lifetime, there’s a good chance he could be rid of the remaining 10%.

"If someone's phobia is eliminated instantly and permanently by the remembrance of an event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that that event must have happened."

...PLR pioneer, Dr. Edith Fiore ("The Unquiet Dead")

Traditional Therapy Doesn’t Always Work

When conventional therapy doesn’t work, there may be one simple reason. The therapist is looking for the trauma or problematic event (that caused the psychological issues) in the wrong place--or should I say time.

Almost every type of therapy assumes that traumas and important events from an individual’s past influence the present.

PLRT assumes that as well, the only difference is that the unconscious mind goes beyond this lifetime. It carries forth the events and repercussions from events that go beyond early childhood, prenatal and birth periods right into past existences.

You can see how it can be difficult to find the triggers if you don’t search back far enough. PLRT finds the root causes and therefore heals more deeply and quickly than traditional therapies.

When Past-Life Therapy Can Help

The release of old energetic blocks generates a flow of wonderful mental and emotional clarity, revealing the life-lessons needed to achieve happiness in this lifetime, while also advancing the course of future lifetimes.

Some of the more significant areas in which past-life therapy have traditionally been used are:

  • Troubling behavior and attitude patterns that have persisted over time, despite attempts to change
  • Relationship dynamics that seem to have a life of their own (intense attraction/aversion to another person, deep-seated issues that defy resolution)
  • Phobias – intense fears, such as fear of heights or fear of water, that seem unconnected to an experience in the current life
  • Some chronic physical ailments, sensations and pains
  • Dominant attitudes or emotions that seem to persist throughout your life
  • Ingrained beliefs such as: “Leave me alone”, “No one understands me”, “Life isn’t fair”, “I have to do it alone”

There are other exciting ways in which past-life therapy is being applied.

We focus on the positive, rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories. PLRT is used to enhance one’s life by allowing individuals to ‘own,’ reclaim or rediscover gifts, abilities and talents from past lives; and to carry forward wonderful emotions for both healing and growth.

It Helps in Rewarding Areas As Well!

Accessing strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes can be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present.

  • Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance and peace when undergoing difficult times, fortifying us to work through our temporary difficulties
  • Clarifying direction and life purpose by viewing one’s ‘blueprint’ for this lifetime
  • Finding prior lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are indeed never parted from those we love
  • Accessing the wisdom, peace and guidance that is available from the spiritual realms between lifetimes where our higher mind and/or guiding ones can assess our progress and give direction to us for our current lifetime
  • Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence.

When you think about it, it’s freeing. Past life regression can bring you peace as it shines a light on the complicated tapestry of your total existence and your purpose as an evolving soul.

Life makes a lot more sense when you have a deeper understanding of the bigger picture.

Are you ready to explore your past lives?  Find out how the process works here…