We Are Evolving Souls--One Client's Story

It Shines A Spotlight on Us as Evolving Souls

Past life therapy helps us to understand and experience more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection. It shines a spotlight on how we are evolving souls responsible for creating our universe for our own spiritual growth.

One of my clients had a profound sense of never feeling good enough, not fitting in, and not being accepted in her current lifetime. When we explored the possible present-life origins, it was clear there were many legitimate reasons why she would feel this way. However, she had attempted to work on these issues in traditional therapy -- to no avail.

In her PLR work with me, she visited a lifetime in which she was abandoned by her parents and left in the care of a man with whom there was no loving or nurturing relationship. An older ‘wise’ woman in the village took her under her wing. With this woman she learned that she had many gifts as a healer, but the woman died shortly thereafter. Despite this, she was ostracized by her small village; and in the end she was beaten and killed for being different.

In processing this past life with her, she was able to see what she had carried forward into her current life, and was actually repeating with her nuclear family, particularly her mother, and friends. And the pervasive feeling of not fitting in, being accepted and respected, had roots in this other life and she could see how she was re-creating that in this one.

Tremendous healing and change occurred from reliving that life. She was able to transcend those experiences and forgive all those involved. In the life between lives, she actually got deeply in touch with her ‘healing and knowing’ abilities that had been dormant in this lifetime.

These have since manifested in her current lifetime and she is learning and appreciating that they are very much a part of her today. She has developed a tremendous sense of herself and belonging; the healing has been very powerful and very profound. She is left with an overwhelming sense of peace and love, and wisdom acquired during the process, which has become very tangible in her current lifetime.