Discover Special Talents with PLRT

You can heal and also discover special abilities

The PLRT process, and the new found consciousness it awakens, enable us to understand and resolve current problems with past life origins. Recurring relationship problems, financial concerns and health problems can all have a basis in a past life. Awareness of their basis, and the PLRT therapeutic process can help you resolve them in your current life.

PLRT also allows us to understand some innate yet inexplicable talents we have in this life which originate in other lives. It can also help us unearth a gift we had in the past which has, as yet, laid dormant in our current life; and it can also remove any blocks we seem to have around utilizing these special abilities.

There are those considered savants in this life who have, for example, a genius at playing the piano without ever having taken a lesson. 

There is a client I worked with who avoided math. In school and in her adult life, whenever math was required, she panicked and her brain would freeze. Even the most basic math became difficult.  She discovered during a past life regression that she had been put to death because of some financial accounting issues. With this awareness and this block removed, she actually began to like bookkeeping, found she had a talent for it, and changed careers. She is thriving in her new work because of her natural abilities in this area--abilities she had both fought and denied in her current lifetime.

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