PLRT Works Whether You're a Believer or Not!

It is Not Necessary for You to Believe in Reincarnation for PLRT to Work!

Some people find it difficult to believe in reincarnation. However, your religious or rational beliefs don't matter; you can still have a therapeutic past life regression experience!

Some clients have considered their experience in past life regression a metaphor for current life issues. That belief enabled them to expand awareness about their life issues and life purpose, and use this new understanding to make changes going forward.

Clients have healed physical illnesses as well as emotional scars within minutes, hours, days or weeks.

A client of mine struggled with the idea of suicide whenever life became difficult.  In two back-to-back regressions, he found he had been miscarried in one life, and in the other he had died during childbirth. He desperately wanted to be born and come into this world.  This knowledge instilled in him his desire to be here, and helped him break the pattern to ‘opt out’ when life gets tough…as it often does.

One of my PLRT instructors and supervisors, Carol Bowman, had serious lung and breathing issues all her life. After discovering she was a concentration camp victim in a previous lifetime, she found her asthma and other respiratory issues remitted, almost miraculously.

That is the power of past life regression work!

You can discover more details on the benefits of PLRT here.

To experience the healing power of Past Life Regression Therapy all you need is to keep an open mind, allow the process and consider the possibility.  Begin your journey now!