Overview of Past Life Regression Therapy Session

An Overview of the Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) Experience

If you are not a current therapy client, the session generally runs between 3-4 hours and follows the following format. For existing clients, sessions run between 2-3 hours.

1. We’ll talk about your past life beliefs, expectations and experience.

2. Intake and Assessment: The focus is on learning more about you, your personal history, the issues you would like to resolve, and discussing the possible benefits of a past life regression.

3. Together we’ll hone in on the issue(s) for the past life regression session.

4. We’ll discuss and determine how it is best for you to access a past life -- using hypnotherapy, guided relaxation, Hemisync™ technology, an affect bridge, or some combination thereof.

5. Since we are all individuals who access information in unique manners, we do an exercise to assess which of your senses are strongest so I know how best to help you access the information during the PLR.

6. We will do another exercise to help you prime your imagination so you can experience how past life information may come/be presented for you. In this short exercise you may or may not access a past life, but this is not the focus of the PLRT session. We will briefly discuss this life, should one come up; and move on to a full PLRT session.

7. The full PLR session including a life between lives experience. The PLR session is preceded by either--a deep meditative relaxation, a more extensive hypnotic relaxation session, or a short past life induction using an affect bridge --depending upon what we agree upon and what best suits you.*

8. Final 20-30 minutes: Review of the regression, what was learned, help with processing the information, future directions. This is also an important time to re-ground yourself in your present moment.

9. An optional 30 minute follow-up session, by phone or in person, is available as part of the PLRT to discuss the awarenesses, meaning and learning that often come in the days, weeks, and sometimes months, following a PLR session.

1. *I will not cut short your experience so there are occasionally times when we run over the specified time limit. If you have time constraints after your appointment, please advise prior to us getting started.

2. Bathroom breaks are important. Bear with me as I ask you to take multiple bathroom breaks throughout the preliminary process.

Please contact me here for additional information or to schedule your regression.