Links Between Lives

The Link Between that Life and This One

It’s common to experience scenes from past lives directly related to specific problems you’re dealing with in this life.

Each client is unique and each problem individual. Every life has its crucial events, the moments when ‘controlling’ patterns are introduced; these are often unresolved in that lifetime and become the legacy of future lives.

In order to understand and grow beyond these past live lessons, and for significant healing to occur, it is essential to relive the details of these past lives. Afterwards, I’ll help you process your experiences.

Often Themes Emerge – Portals into a Past Life Memory

Do any of the following emotions and beliefs resonate with you?

• I’m guilty
• It was all my fault
• I have to do it alone
• I could have done more
• I should have kept silent
• I should’ve kept it to myself
• I failed them
• I’m no good
• I deserve this
• I deserve to be punished
• They’ll laugh at me
• I can never do enough
• I’m useless
• I didn’t help them
• I’m trapped
• There was enough, there was never enough
• They didn’t care about me.
• I’ll never escape, never get out of this
• I’m disgusting
• I’ll never trust anyone again
• People will let you down
• It isn’t fair
• It’s not safe to show what I feel
• It’s all lies
• Why bother doing anything it won’t make a difference
• What’s the use
• I always lose
• They always win
• It’ll never change
• It’s hopeless
• I’ll get back at them
• I’ll hurt them the way they hurt me

Often the portal into a past life memory is a distressing event in our present life that awakens or triggers and older memory. That’s what we aim to heal in a past life regression session.