What to Expect - First Time Clients

Your First Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) Session

In traditional therapy, you talk and your therapist responds with questions, reflections, and perhaps comments to enable you to gain insight.  We will do an intake as any therapist would, and we'll look at different areas of your life and health. Then we'll hone in on a specific issue that's in your best interest to work on at the time. Then we’ll craft your regression therapy experience around your desired focus.

It is ideal if you have identified an issue(s) you’d like to work on, but it is also ok to come in without one. Relevant issues will emerge as we’re talking. 

Priming Your Six Senses (yes, six)

Next, we will do a simple preliminary activity that engages your senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and natural knowing or intuition.

This primes your imagination and enables me to assess which of your senses are strongest and how you best access information.

This is followed by another brief exercise which will allow you to experience how past life information may come to you during the actual regression. This too is a fun activity; one which may (or may not) yield a past life memory--either way, this is not the regression.

Next we move onto the past life regression itself.

While regression therapy can bring up intense emotions, the regression process itself is very gentle and simple.

You’ll Relax

I’ll guide you through a relaxation process and invite you to open your mind. You don’t have to “do” anything, the thoughts/visions or feelings will come to you. This part of the process can be fun and enjoyable as we tap into your senses and your imagination. Your imagination is a bridge to your subconscious…where all your memories…the memories of your true ‘self’—or soul—are stored.

Note: To enhance or deepen this experience, I may use hypnotherapy techniques or hemisync technology. If I do, I will discuss this with you first.

What You May Experience

In past life journeying, you can go anywhere and be anywhere (mentally speaking). You can move through time (an earthly illusion) and past lives instantly.

It is not a slow or difficult process; and it’s no different than remembering events that occurred in this life. But as can happen in our current lifetime, there may be memories that we have difficulty accessing for assorted reasons.

PLRT techniques are similar to regression techniques that enable a client to access blocked memories or information using an affect bridge – which is a technique that links strong emotions to occurrences in this life or past lives and allows them to rise to the surface.

You’ll be Amazed at How Easily You Can Tune into a Past Life!

You’ll be able to detach from the here and now, yet remain aware of the room and my voice. In this highly relaxed state of consciousness, you’ll be able to speak, hear and even move. You are in control at all times, and can emerge any time you choose simply by opening your eyes.

When entering a regression experience, information will come in ways that are particular/unique to you. When doing a PLR, it is important to access the senses that work for you  – sight, sound, smell, touch/feel, taste, intuitive/knowing.  It is my job to help you do that.

And You’ll be at Amazed How Easily You Can Change!

Our intention is to uncover, in prior lives, the basis for your greatest struggles or pains in your current life (or gifts and special abilities). When we find the root (one of the lives where these issues originated), the process of re-experiencing the events in that original lifetime can become an ‘ah ha’ experience. This often makes it very clear where our issues originated and makes it easy to separate from them and change.

This, combined with the wisdom that comes from the Life Review in the Life Between Lives, the therapeutic processing that comes at the conclusion of the session, and the awarenesses that often surface post-PLRT, is often enough to free a person from their past, enabling them to make changes in their current life, which inevitably lead to growth, evolution and often a sense of peace.

My Role as Your Guide

My job is simply to function as a therapeutic guide on your journey. I’ll ask you questions and help you find links between the past and present. I don’t give or tell you information about your past life.

I simply guide you along, keeping you on course. And during the process in its entirety, you are completely aware and in control of your experience, able to return to this lifetime at any point you choose.

As a trained psychotherapist, who is also trained in the science of past life regression, I will act as a guide to draw out your experiences and provide context.

Your Role

You just allow the experience, be open to information however it comes, and report whatever comes up! Information from your past lives may occur as “snapshots”, sensations, emotions or full blown movies. Some people can smell cooking aromas in a kitchen or feel the texture of fabric. Others simply “know” things. Some have a sensation of “floating” above the scene.

Your job is pretty simple.

You just lie back and act as a news reporter – reporting what is happening as you let yourself go – into your own special journey of self-discovery, infinite growth and eternal healing.

The link between that life and this one

It’s common to experience scenes from past lives directly related to specific problems you’re dealing with in this life.

Each client is unique and each problem individual. Every life has its crucial events, the moments when ‘controlling’ patterns are introduced; these are often unresolved in that lifetime and become the legacy of future lives.

In order to understand and grow beyond these past live lessons, and for significant healing to occur, it is essential to relive the details of these past lives. Afterwards, I’ll help you process your experiences.

Often Themes Emerge – Portals into a Past Life Memory

Do any of the following emotions and beliefs resonate with you?

• I’m guilty
• It was all my fault
• I have to do it alone
• I could have done more
• I should have kept silent
• I should’ve kept it to myself
• I failed them
• I’m no good
• I deserve this
• I deserve to be punished
• They’ll laugh at me
• I can never do enough
• I’m useless
• I didn’t help them
• I’m trapped
• There was enough, there was never enough
• They didn’t care about me.
• I’ll never escape, never get out of this
• I’m disgusting
• I’ll never trust anyone again
• People will let you down
• It isn’t fair
• It’s not safe to show what I feel
• It’s all lies
• Why bother doing anything it won’t make a difference
• What’s the use
• I always lose
• They always win
• It’ll never change
• It’s hopeless
• I’ll get back at them
• I’ll hurt them the way they hurt me

Often the portal into a past life memory is a distressing event in our present life that awakens or triggers and older memory. That’s what we aim to heal in a past life regression session.

Universal Wisdom and Unconditional Love

A powerful therapeutic aspect of the PLRT experience is the Life Review conducted in the space between lives. There we have great vision and universal wisdom -- finding understanding, compassion and forgiveness not always available to the mundane self during life on Earth.

During the regression many people report finding themselves surrounded by a realm of bright, cleansing healing light. You may meet guides, spirits, or other souls or beings who exude unconditional love and assist you in understanding the “why” certain patterns are present in your life.

Let me tell you a story of three lives

A client came to see me and we did multiple past life regression sessions around her tremendous anxiety, and increasing fears about her son and his future. She was quite enmeshed with her adult son, and was engaged in a continual cycle of protecting him, rescuing him and fixing all his problems.

In each of the three lives she visited with me, she tried desperately to save him (the soul which was her son).

In one life, she was an older man and her son was actually her (female) paramour who, despite his attempts to save her, was killed because of him. In another life, she was a young girl who attempted to rescue her twin brother (her son’s soul) from a Mayan sacrifice, and despite her efforts, she failed. Finally, a third life in which she was very poor and homeless, she tried to keep her male child (her son) from starvation but could not, and in the end he succumbed to death.

The lesson and wisdom that came to her in her life review was similar for each—carrying the guilt is a choice and there is no reason to do so. She was forgiven by her son’s soul in each case in the Life Review/Life Between Lives.

She also had the very real knowledge that, in most cases, we should not save another soul from their mistakes, nor should we attempt to presume we know best, or to control their lives and their lessons.

We are all on our own journeys with our own challenges, and our own lessons to learn. When we interfere, we actually disrespect another and keep them from learning a lesson in this life…which may cause them to have to learn it again in another life.

If she didn’t learn the lesson now with her son—to detach and allow him the respect of his own journey in this lifetime--she may have to lose him again in order to learn this lesson.

This awareness was enough to catapult her into change. She has been able to lovingly detach from her son which has actually benefitted both of them individually, as well as their relationship together. In addition, she was able to let go of and move past her feelings of guilt, her fears, and needing to save others, in particular her son.

Our Past Lives are Rich in Wisdom.

Wisdom that can add insight and awareness to your current life—if you’re aware of the lessons the universe is trying to teach you.

At the end of your regression session, I’ll help you process your experience.

After the Regression

After the past life regression and life review are complete, there is ample time to discuss and share any emotions, observation or concerns. Together we’ll explore how the regression may have been helpful with regard to your original intentions.

Remember just because we ask and go searching for something, the soul determines what is best for us to know and access in a given moment. Never more than we can handle and not always what we are in search of. We’ll explore the implications of any memories that surfaced and the correlations and impact on your present-day life. We’ll look at how to use this information and awareness to move forward in your current lifetime, to allow your past life legacy to remain passed.

Awareness Continues After the Regression

Over the next few weeks, more information may “show up” for you. You might gain more insight through your dreams, while driving in the car, while meditating, while sitting quietly, or it may just pop in your head as you go about your life. This is normal.

Along with these flashes of insight, may come a deeper understanding of your life, your relationships, your challenges and your purpose. You may gain profound wisdom about the nature of existence, your personal journey and our collective journeys as soul(s).

Because of this, follow up sessions are always helpful and occasionally necessary.

Please contact me here for additional information or to schedule your regression.